Ecostruct Panel System Advantages


Fully compliant to Australian standards.

Reduced build time

Simple construction method using less trades providing earlier practical completion.

Energy efficient

You WILL use less power to heat or cool your home, saving you even more money!

Cost saving

Build time – Mortgage Interest – Rent Payments.

Designed and built to Australian conditions

Panels can be suited for Cyclone rated construction and White ant resistant-Fire Retardant-Recyclable-Sustainable.

Flexible design features available

Including single and two storey homes, granny flats, extensions, and commercial applications.


The Ecostruct panel is proving to be a versatile structural product. It has excellent axial loadbearing capacity and horizontal shear capacity. Offsite detailing and manufacture of the panel enables bespoke design to be efficiently achieved.
These properties, along with the site construction details prepared by Ecostruct make this panel system an attractive architectural and engineering choice for building projects, being straightforward to design with and uncomplicated and quick to erect on site.
Michael Young- Director, Prompt Engineering, Qualifications- BE NPER(Aust) CPeng(Aust)
Working with EcoStruct Panel System was a unique opportunity to introduce an energy efficient, eco friendly product to our clean green state of Tasmania. Once introducing the product to our potential client they extremely impressed with all the consideration and detailed nature of the finish of the product that EcoStruct provided.
During the entire construction period EcoStruct TM attention to quality and detail was apparent and the support provided was exceptional.
We at B Building are grateful to the EcoStruct team that carried out this task in introducing and supporting what is a quality, energy efficient product and delivering this product within the committed timeframe.

We look forward to working with EcoStruct further and providing this high quality panel system to our B Building clients within Tasmania.

Scott & Brooke Batchelor, B Building Pty Ltd


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