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ECOSTRUCT ™ panels are designed and engineered to accommodate the needs for modern living. Each panel within our range has a specific role within a home. We have bathroom panels, plumbing and electrical panels, flat screen TV panels, kitchen panels, patio panels etc. (Please contact your ECOSTRUCT ™ representative for a further information on the ECOSTRUCT ™ panel range)

Oh, If you do decide to hang an item on the panel after construction it is very simple. Standard wall mates work well. Just make sure you utalise the fixings as per the manufacturers reccomendations


ECOSTRUCT ™ Panel Systems can be used as a two storey renovation, studio extension,  we can design a standard single storey home with a two storey future option . (Please contact your rep for more details)

ECOSTRUCT ™ panels are a perfect solution for a quick two storey build. The panels are structural (refer to technical page) and  the panels and the suspended floor have excellent acoustic ratings.

ECOSTRUCT ™ panels have standard fire ratings as per fibre cement sheeting recommendations and the foam is self-extinguishing. Termites do not take any nutrition from the EPS thus it is not a attractive haven for them. Standard termite treatment around the home is still recommended as you must provide protection from termites to your inside furnitre and cabinets

ECOSTRUCT ™ panels replace traditional forms of walling systems, (ie brick, timber/steel frame) nothing else is changed so whatever roof you want it will be installed no differently than any other building process.

At ECOSTRUCT ™ Panel Systems we have made a conscious effort to improve the aesthetics of the home as well as the energy efficiency. Power costs are increasing and if you build a panel home with high energy efficient walls your heating and cooling costs can be reduced. It is therefore reasonable to assume the value of a home in the future will include the energy efficiency of the home. Speak with our experienced team to find out more about our system.

ECOSTRUCT ™ have specific panels that are already prepared for electrical wiring and plumbing pipes which also relates to cost savings on installation. The penetrations and rebates are positioned at design stage. Still, if something is required at a later date your electrical contractor or plumber will still be able to install wiring and pipe work as per a traditional home. ECOSTRUCT ™ is the flexible solution

Star rating is a system that is designed to look at the design functionality/environmental impact of the complete home. As ECOSTRUCT ™ panels have a high R-Rating of 3.5 the star rating required for the complete home is achieved very easily without extra costs incurred by the customer.

ECOSTRUCT ™ Panel Systems are more affordable and cost less to build, maintain and live in.ECOSTRUCT ™ Panel Systems are built quicker and due to lightweight construction require less concrete and steel in the slab. If a home is built quicker then less borrowing costs are incurred and savings are added.

Yes, ECOSTRUCT ™ panels are engineered and certified for multiple regions and soil types, The ECOSTRUCT ™ system has superior structural qualities and flexibility.   Please refer to the technical page for more detailed engineering or contact an ECOSTRUCT ™ representative.