ECOSTRUCT is a new structurally engineered insulated panel wall system that can be used in residential, commercial and industrial construction in lieu of brick, timber or steel.

What makes ECOSTRUCT different is the panel connection system (patent pending) allowing flexible design for external (150mm thick) and internal walls (86mm thick) with cyclone rated construction to two storeys as a minimum standard in any Australian conditions.

There are many advantages of using ECOSTRUCT panels including energy efficiency, white ant resistant, fire retardant and the component materials are recyclable making the panel system sustainable and eco-friendly with less waste during manufacture and construction.

Construction requires only one trade meaning less people on site for a shorter period of time allowing lock up and practical completion sooner than using traditional brick materials. Using the connection system (patent pending) with base and top plates tied down to the concrete slab the Ecostruct Panel System wall is simple, quick and connects to any selected roof construction method.

The cost advantages of ECOSTRUCT â„¢ include less material costs compared to the traditional alternatives and with significantly reduced build time saving site costs for Builders. Home buyers will benefit greatly with reduced interest and rent payments as well as the construction savings meaning they will be in their house much sooner.